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Got the Munchies
(built on Stainless Steel Skewer)

 Got the Munchies (Short)    Got the Munchies (Med)    Got the Munchies (Large)

We've been asked for more balsa toys with chunky pieces so here we go. The short is built on a 5" stainless steel skewer and the other two are on a 10" stainless steel skewer. All are topped with a pear shaped quick link so when this toy is lovingly destroyed ... you can rebuild or even use food on it. Since we are personally owned many companion parrots, we love extended life or refillable toys! The only difference in this toy is the thickness of the balsa and length of the skewer. In other words, the short is fine for bigger birds where you want a shorter toy. 
Note: short skewers are discontinued by manufacturer and difficult to find so our supply is limited!

The short is built on a 5" stainless steel skewer and has 2" x 2" x .5" thick balsa blocks, 2" x 2" leather squares separated by 2" x 2" cardboard squares; mahogany slices on top & bottom of the skewer; the medium is built on a 10" stainless steel skewer and has 2" x 3" x .5" thick balsa, 2" x 3" leather rectangles separated by 2" x 3" cardboard rectangles with razor paper to add a bit more texture around the corn cob centers with mahogany slices on top & bottom of skewer; and, the large is built on a 10" stainless steel skewer and has 3" x 3" x .75" thick balsa, 3" x 3" leather squares separated by 3" x 3" cardboard squares with razor paper for texture around cob center with mahogany slices on the top & bottom of skewer.  All are easily refilled.

Balsa is a soft wood so this is not a good choice if your bird is a mega destroyer! The thicker size balsa does make it a good choice for most parrots that enjoy shredding softer wood. Needless to say. the stainless steel skewer can be used time and time again! You can never have too many skewers ... we use them for everything in our house from making quick toys or layering veggies & fruit.

Item #: 32128S

Size: Short (approx 7" Long x 3" Wide)

Price: $10.75


Item #: 32128M

Size: Medium (approx 12" Long x 3.25" Wide)

Price: $17.75


Item #: 32128L

Size: Large (approx 12" Long x 3.5" Wide)

Price: $17.75


 Note:  Each toy is individually handmade in the USA, colors, styles, beads and charms may vary from photograph.
As with all toys, please monitor your pets and make sure they don't actually consume non-edibles!

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