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 Special Birds


All birds are special to me.  But parrots have a special place in my heart.  There are birds out there almost anyone would take; vocal, personable, and nice feathering, social…

And there are other special birds that have sat in a back room, never go outside, have an attitude, pluck and are only given seed.  Of course there are all levels of care in between.

There are hoarders, who think they can give these birds care no one else would be able too.  And they just keep collecting.  The bird’s space is reduced, social time is reduced, and they get no health checks or fun activities.  Again not all rescuers are hoarders.  But it can be a fine line.

Groups that go through the effort to get an IRS tax exempt status 501(c)(3) seem more serious about taking good care of their birds.  So always check the status before giving monetary or supply donations.

As a veterinarian, I see first hand abuse cases of all animals.  I’ve also had people come in and admit they just can take care of their birds, and need help in placing them.  Then the excuses; ‘my husband doesn’t like the bird’, ‘I thought all birds had feathers, who wants a bird without feathers,’ ‘It screams when I get home,’ ‘My son’s in rehab, and it’s his bird.” 

My heart goes out to these lost feathered souls.  And there are some very good groups who are giving them a second chance for a better life.  Jan and the Busy Beaks staff are good about sharing the love—so buy something for your own special bird so a less fortunate bird will have something to be thankful for too.

Kay Duffin, DVM
Academy Pet Hospital
6000 Academy Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM
(505) 822-0255

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