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Scooter Z's

Treasure Guard
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This is another fun Scooter Z's toy that is built around a reusable, refillable 3.5mm stainless steel skewer.  There are three colorful wooden rings separated by wooden angle cut beads and held together with 1/8" vegetable tanned leather strips which surround 30mm wooden beads separated by pacifiers.  There's a 32mm stainless steel bell on the bottom together with 2 small pacifiers on a 3/8" stainless steel "O" ring.  It's all topped off with a 2.5mm stainless steel quick link for easy hanging.  The stainless steel skewer can be used time and time again!  Great for your mid size parrots!

 Note:  As with all bells, if your FID tends to be mechanical, please remove the clapper before giving to your avian family!


Item #: 71059

Size:  2-3/4" x 9"

Price: $14.25
Now: $10.69


  Make the most of your (cage) real estate!  The stainless steel skewer is reusable, refillable and dishwasher safe!  Use your imagination to reduce, reuse, recycle your toys.  It'll extend your bird toy budget and put a smile on your parrot's beak!

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