Basswood Perch


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Basswood Perch
(4 styles)

Basswood Perch (Small)        Basswood Perch (Large)    Basswood Perch (Skinny)

Mighty Bird Toys made these perches/shelves for handicapped birds and those birds that like to rest (like in their bowls ...LOL). They are suitable for any parrot but especially handy for those with handicapped or aged. These are made of natural Basswood, some still having the live (bark) edge. It's a softer wood. very comfortable on the feet. There are washers and a wing nuts included for ease in hanging.

Each is handmade so there are really no two exactly alike and dimensions will vary!

Item #: 53055M

Size: Mini (3" x 2"  x .75")

Price: $7.50


Item #: 53055S

Size: Small (9" x 2.75"  x .75")

Price: $9.50


Item #: 53055L

Size: Large (9" x 5"  x .75")

Price: $18.00


Item #: 53055SK

Size: Skinny (4.25" x 3.75" x .75")

Price: $12.50


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